Payables Ledger

Payables Ledger

The Payables ledger is the subsidiary ledger of accounts payable. It contains the vendor accounts and their respective balances.


Important things you do in the Payables ledger:

  1. Find the balance of a vendor account
  2. Add new accounts (when necessary per a problem)

Data Fields

The Payables ledger contains seven data fields for each account.

  1. Vendor
    Vendor is a five digit number that uniquely identifies each vendor.
  2. Company
    vendor (company) name
  3. Street
    vendor street address
  4. City
    vendor city
  5. State
    vendor state
  6. Zip Code
    vendor zip code
  7. Balance
    vendor account balance as a positive or negative number

Data fields can be edited by double-clicking the cell that displays the item. You cannot edit Vendor number or Balance.

Menu Choices


Balance totals all account balances.


Options collects processing functions.

Add New Account

Some problems require you to enter a new account, but many do not. Simply enter the account data into the labeled textboxes.

Print or Paste

Print or Paste is used to copy data either to the Printer directly or to the Window's Clipboard for pasting into other applications.

Change Font

Change Font allows you to do so.


Help displays the menu of common help topics and the accounting glossary.