The software table is the inventory file. It contains information concerning the the items available for sale.


Data Fields

The software table contains five data fields for each item.

  1. vendor product
    This 10-digit field concatenates a five digit vendor number with a five-digit item number.
  2. name
    Product name.
  3. price
    Authorized sale price. This is used to price orders.
  4. cost
    Unit cost of item. This is used to cost purchase orders and the cost of goods sold.
  5. quantity
    Items available for sale.

Data fields can be edited by double-clicking the cell that displays the item.

Menu Choices


Balance displays the total of cost time quantity for the entire inventory. This total does not directly reconcile to the general ledger inventory account as inventory adjustments for purchase discounts, freight charges, and other such items are not reflected in the unit cost of items available for sale.


Options collects processing functions.

Add New Product

Enter the data into the labeled textboxes. The first five digits of vendor product must be entered by selecting a vendor that exists in the accounts payable ledger. No journal entry is prepared when new items are added.

Print or Paste

Print or Paste is used to copy data either to the Printer directly or to the Window's Clipboard for pasting into other applications.

Change Font

Change Font allows you to do so.


Help displays the menu of common help topics and the accounting glossary.