Junior Problems

Junior Problems

Junior problems use only a general journal and general ledger. Omnis Mus appears to have only a general ledger, general journal, and the report form.

Junior problem file names are of the form JrNXtext, where

-> N distinguishes alternate problems (0, A), and

->X indicates problem type (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5).

Junior problems themselves are referred to as 'Junior NX', with the '0' being omitted for convenience.

Thus, file Jr01text is referred to as 'Junior 1', while file JrA1text is referred to as 'Junior A1'.

N0 problems

These problems have transactions that are identical to those illustrated in the tutorial. The student can thus use the tutorial as a guide to doing these problems. These problems do not have inventory, sales returns and allowances, nor purchases.

-> JrB0text is an alternate to JrA0text.

-> All N0 problems use the database JrBase00.mdb

N1 problems

These problems are straightforward in that most amounts for transactions are directly provided. While one has to compute a few items such as supplies expense, other items such as the amount of depreciation expense and the value of ending inventory are given.

-> JrA1text is an alternate to Jr01text.

-> All N1 problems use the database JrBase01.mdb

N2 problems

These problems are more difficult than N1 problems. The student must compute amounts for more transactions, and some of the transactions in a problem are more advanced. Students have to compute depreciation expense, and ending inventory must be estimated using the gross profit method.

-> JrA2text is an alternate to Jr02text.

-> All N2 problems use the database JrBase02.mdb

N3 problems

These problems are similar to the N2 problems in difficulty. N3 problems differ from N1 and N2 problems in that they illustrate an alternative approach to adjusting entries. Expenditures for rent, supplies, and other such items are initially recorded as expense rather than as assets. The format of adjusting entries is thus different.

-> JrA3text is an alternate to Jr03text.

-> All N3 problems use the database JrBase03.mdb

N4 problems

This problem is sole proprietor, whereas all other Junior problems are corporation. Problem Jr04text is identical to problem Jr01text, except for the conversion of equity transactions to a sole proprietor format from a corporate format.

-> All N4 problems use the database JrBase04.mdb

N5 problems

This problem uses the perpetual inventory method, whereas all other Junior problems use the periodic method. Problem Jr05text is identical to problem Jr01text, except for the differences that result from the difference in accounting for inventory.

-> All N5 problems use the database JrBase05.mdb