Getting started

Getting Started

Doing a Cycle Problem: Step by Step

To do an Omnis Mus accounting cycle problem you need:

You do the problem by entering the transactions into the database. Omnis Mus is an accounting system. The transactions are posted to ledgers to provide summary data from which financial reports may be prepared. The updated database is your 'answer' to the problem.

Getting Problems

You can get problems from problems.cshtml

Selecting a Database

Omnis Mus asks you to select a database immediately after you click the Continue button on the title/startup screen. Available databases are displayed, and you can use the standard Windows® Browse technique to select databases located anywhere on your computer.

Each problem text tells you which database is required.

For example, the first line of Problem Junior 1 is:

You can download databases from databases.cshtml

The Forms Menu

Omnis Mus displays the the Forms Menu. The title bar of the Forms menu indicates the database that you have opened. In the illustration immediately below, the database Ombase01.mdb has been opened, and the Forms menu is as it appears for Senior problems.

Junior.gif (4631 bytes)

The forms menu has a similar appearance for Advanced problems, except that the Software (Inventory) form is available. For Junior problems, only the general ledger, general journal, and report choices are displayed.

You open journals and ledgers as appropriate to the problem you are doing in order to enter the transactions and prepare financial reports. The problems provide general instructions as to how you should proceed. Detailed help and journal entry examples are available. Click Help in the general journal.

Making a General Journal Entry | Journals and Ledgers

Active Learning Tutorial

Tutorial.cshtml is an Active Learning Tutorial for use with Omnis Mus. It illustrates the use of Omnis Mus as it discusses the accounting cycle. When you complete the tutorial, you have done an Omnis Mus cycle problem. The tutorial could have been named jrtext00.doc and considered to be problem Junior 00.

Detailed Problem Descriptions