System Components

System Components


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The general ledger is the center of the accounting system. It contains the accounts and their respective balances and is thus the source of data used to construct financial statements.

The receivables ledger is the subsidiary ledger of accounts receivable. It contains the customer accounts and their respective balances.

The payables ledger is the subsidiary ledger of accounts payable. It contains the vendor accounts and their respective balances.


General Journal entries are posted to the general ledger individually and immediately upon their entry.

The Orders form functions as a sales journal. Orders become sales when the order is shipped and shipping charges are entered into the order.

The Receipts on Account journal records payments received from customers.

The Purchases journal records invoices received from vendors for purchases made on account.

The Payments to Vendors journal records cash payments made to vendors on account.

Other Components

The Software table is the inventory file. It contains information concerning the the items available for sale.

The SQL (structured query language) form in Advanced problems allows one to process SQL statements against the database.