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'no debits or credits' Accounting Software

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Omnis Mus features 'no debits or credits' journal entries as well as traditional journal entries using debits and credits.

Dual Format Presentation of Journal Entries

Journal entries can be entered using Transaction Analysis format (i.e., positive/negative numbers) or Debit Credit format.

Example: Payment of an Expense in Cash

Transaction Analysis (+/-) Debit Credit
Expense +50.00

Cash -50.00

Debit Expense 50.00

Credit Cash 50.00

You can change formats WHENEVER and AS OFTEN as you wish, EVEN during the entry of a transaction!

Transaction Analysis format is consistently applied through the trial balance which shows either

  • Total Debits = Total Credits (Debit Credit format)

Trail Balance

Trial Balance General Ledger Totals for Debit Credit Format


  • Total Assets = Total Liabilities and Total Equity (Transaction Analysis format).

Trial Balance

Trial Balance General Ledger Totals for Transaction Analysis Format

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